Chair Massage

What areas does the chair massage cover?
It covers the upper body the head, neck, back, arms, hands and hips.


What type of massage is it?
It is a Japanese acupressure technique in which the therapist uses palm, elbow, finger and thumb pressures on specific points on the upper body.


Do I need to remove any clothing?
No, except for eye glasses if worn.


How much does it cost?
Costs vary depending on the numbers involved, the length of massage required and the location, in general prices range between £10 and £15 per massage.


How much space is required?
Ideally approx 3m x 3m as the therapist needs to work a full circle around the chair.


How long will it take?
Usually around 15-20 minutes, although treatment times will depend on individual requirements.


I have a medical condition can I still receive a massage?
This will depend on the condition, your therapist will advise you on whether or not treatment is appropriate.


I am pregnant can I receive on site chair massage?
Unfortunately no. The technique used for this type of massage is not suitable for either pregnant women or those that are trying to become pregnant. However other types of massage such as aromatherapy can still be enjoyed by pregnant women.


Can I give feedback during the chair massage?
Yes, please do, if you would like the pressure to be lighter or firmer or if there is anything you are not comfortable with, let your therapist know.


Will there be a consultation prior to chair massage?
Yes, a short verbal consultation will take place to assess your suitability for this type of massage.